Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Wanderers-Paula Brandon

The Wanderers

Paula Brandon

Spectra, Jul 31 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780553583830

Aureste Belandor kills Vinz Corvestri in an act of self-defense. Magnifico Aureste knows the death of Magnifico Corvestri will have a negative impact on their weary companions as they needed the late mage’s skills to help them on the impossible mission of balancing the world’s Source of magic before reality is ripped asunder. The team is upset with what some call Corvestri’s murder. As their distrust of one another grows, their only hope to succeed is to take a chance on each other and persuade arcanist Grix Orlazzu to join their divided team; but first they must find the recluse.

Aureste’s daughter Jianna has little interest in her father’s quest. Instead her focus is on freeing her beloved physician Falaste Rione who rescued her from imprisonment by her Aunt Magnifico Onarto; he resides on death row. Her only hope to free Falaste is with Magnifico Tribarri who loathes her. At the same time the undead slaves of the Overmind ravage the Veiled Isles.

The final Veiled Isles fantasy (see The Traitor’s Daughter and The Ruined City) is a superb finish to a strong trilogy. Part of what makes this saga so good is that not everyone cares about the impact of the fall of magic that has been a key cornerstone of society for seemingly forever; in fact some rebel as they prefer to takes chances on a new reality without Magnificos dictating their existences. Fans will relish The Wanderers as Paula Brandon provides a terrific taut thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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