Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Sundered-Ruthanne Reid

The Sundered

Ruthanne Reid

4th Floor Publication, Jun 22 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9780985260002

The world is a terrible place to die. The darkened water is deadly if touched; and much of the planet is inundated by it except for a few small islands with those diminishing every day. There is no place to grow food so what you have must last. Finally there are the watery Sundered slaves, who most feel are needed to survive but are limited by how easily they die in this dismal realm.

Harry knows the final pandemic flood is coming soon; extinction is humanity’s near future. Still he leads a team to include a highly intelligent Tier 1 Sundered seeking to save the planet before the orb becomes totally under water. The only chance is to find the long lost legendary Hope of Humanity; an artifact that enabled humans to obtain the top rung of the food chain and allegedly can cure the planet. Harry has a nightmarish choice between saving the Sundered and humanity dying rather quickly; and committing genocide by eradicating the Sundered so humanity can linger a little longer before expiring.

This is a superb cautionary environmental science fiction thriller in which earth takes center stage as the planet is changing by becoming uninhabitable for humanity who has abused it and is increasingly home to the Sundered. The fast-paced storyline grips the audience from the moment Harry explains the survivor rules and continues to hold readers spellbound as he takes us on a tour of a radically modified deadly for humans but thriving for Sundered earth.

Harriet Klausner

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