Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dragon Reborn-Robert Jordan

The Dragon Reborn

Robert Jordan

Tor, Jul 3 2012, $15.99

ISBN: 9780765334350

Three millennia ago the Dragon and the male mages sealed the Dark One in an unbreakable prison. However, the mages paid the cost of their involvement as all of them went insane; males mages since also become mad.

The unthinkable is starting to happen as the binds containing the Dark One is breaking apart. If freed, nothing can prevent the disaster. However, there is some hope that Rand al'Thor is the Dragon Reborn. Though he battles madness, Rand knows he must obtain the sword Callandor. He, his allies and his enemies travel the dangerous path to Tear where Callandor is guarded.

The reprint of the exciting third Wheel of Time epic fantasy (see The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt) is an action-packed adventure thriller in which good and evil clash. The fast-paced storyline grips fans of the saga throughout although there is too many happenstance moments especially the miraculous appearance of an individual obtaining the right skill at the right time. Ironically Rand plays less of a role than the Aes Sedai novices (Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne) and even Mat in Robert Jordan’s thrilling tale.

Harriet Klausner

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