Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Donors-Jeffrey Wilson

The Donors

Jeffrey Wilson

JournalStone, Jun 29 2012, $16.95

ISBN: 9781936564460

Steve was already in a near rage when his woman had not returned home from work to watch over her brat. When he sees almost six years old Nathan cooking spaghetti O’s in the kitchen he goes berserk. Steve breaks the child’s arm and grabs Nathan’s hand screaming he will teach him what a stove does; he burns the kid’s fingers. Nathan refused to cry because he didn’t want his mommy sad and alone. Hysterical; Sherry takes her “little man” to the ER where Dr. Gelman tells her the burns are full thickness which means Nathan will need the dead skin replaced by a skin graft. Sherry wants her now ex-boyfriend arrested, but he insists Nathan hurt himself.

Two lizards from another dimension garbed as humans Mr. Clarke and Mr. Smith work the hospital where they use suffering to harvest organs though they rationalize that they only punish abusers deserving torture. The pair fear little kids who can see what they are, but also know adults assume children have wild imaginations. A doctor Jason, whom never moved on from believing he failed his late mom when he was a kid, tries to prevent them from using a nurse he loves, and the mom and child as a tool to get at Steve though his gut screams the SOB deserves the same punishment he gave Nathan.

This is a powerful horror thriller in which readers will root for the vigilante justice of the lizard men to rip Steve one organ at a time while rooting for intrepid Nathan to not fall under their dark “spell”. Fast-paced throughout and a strong cast, fans will appreciate The Donor, which questions what evil and heroism truly are.

Harriet Klausner

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