Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After The Apocalypse: The New Way-David Anderson

After The Apocalypse: The New Way

David Anderson

Lulu, Mar 26 2012, $28.30


ISBN: 9781105532887

Humans became the dominant hunter for one-hundred millennia because people remained in harmony with Enger. Then ten millennia ago, civilization is created and over time people became lost until on 12-21-2012 everything imploded under the weight of avarice as science and politics supersede Enger. However, some prepared for life After the Apocalypse. Led by the prophet David and his apostles, these blogger monks created the Hidden Node waiting for the right moment to emerge and guide the remnants of humanity on thriving in the New Way harmony with Enger.

Over two centuries later the monks surface to guide the remnant who survived. Their Supreme Council sets rules by consensus for the monks in Harmony; the mass remnants in Greater Harmony; the Hero remnants who show promise as aspiring monks moving back and forth between the two centers; and the banished. Supreme Council leader Jules fears a crisis as the Heroes are increasingly not choosing the path to monkhood. Two Monk offspring tweeners Joicila and Sort are the latest needing to make a decision, Jules fears they will reject the righteous path. Could the New Way go the same as the old way?

This is an intriguing allegory as David Anderson focuses on a New Way of life based on healthy harmonious relationships with others and with Enger. As expected with parables, most of the cast even the council symbolize aspects of life; except for the concerned Jules and the enthusiastic Joicila. Readers will appreciate this thought provoking cautionary tale mindful of Walt Kelly’s Pogo stating on Earth Day over fifty years ago: "We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us".

Harriet Klausner

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