Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Iron Gray Sea: Destroyermen-Taylor Anderson

Iron Gray Sea: Destroyermen

Taylor Anderson

Roc, Jul 3 2012, $25.95

ISBN: 9780451464545

The Human-Lemurians alliance invades Saa-lon and Indiaa to take the war to the Grik at a time when the eastern front against the Holy Dominion remains perilous especially the air assault on New Britain. However, the alliance is unprepared for the strength of the feral Grik who with the help of Kurokawa prepared for two years for a different fight as they deploy surprising operational strategy and modern technology trapping the enemy military.

In the Empire of New Britain Isles, treachery and assassination shakes up the confidence of the people in their leadership. At sea, recently married Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy leads his USS Walker crew to search to destroy the much larger rogue Japanese destroyer Hidoiame that has devastated Allied ships in the north.

The latest Destroyermen alternate military thriller (see Firestorm and Rising Tides) is an action-packed tale as the Alliance faces a tri-front war. The key to this entry and the entire series is not everything goes well for the allies who are in trouble against the Grik at sea and on land; against the Dominion in the air; and against the Hidoiame at sea. With a superb shocking twist and a cast of seemingly quadrillion (scorecard included), fans will enjoy the world war on another earth.

Harriet Klausner

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