Monday, July 2, 2012

Heaven’s War-David S. Goyer and Michael Cassutt

Heaven’s War

David S. Goyer and Michael Cassutt

Ace, Jul 3 2012, $25.95

ISBN: 9780441020928

The Near Earth Object heads towards the sun. Astronomers believe this NEO called Keanu is an asteroid. America sends Destiny 7 and the Bangalore Group (Russia, India and Brazil) deploy Brahma. Each of the rival manned spacecraft land on the projectile, but instead of a rock or gases as expected, they find the object is an ancient space ship. Their arrivals activate the dormant machines (see Heaven's Shadow).

Keanu’s Architects need mankind’s help to solve a major problem. However, Destiny 7 Commander Zack Stewart, marooned on Keanu with a few others, fails. Instead the Architects abduct selected members of the Houston Group headquarters and the Bangalore headquarters in India. These newly marooned earthlings must quickly adapt to a Keanu’s deadly environment while those who died like astronaut Yvonne Hall have returned as Revenants who can make mental contact with the Architects. Complicating the confusion is the arrival of the Prisoner, who escaped from the Architects after centuries of incarceration while the Keanu appears ready to leave the solar system with the earthlings on board.

The second Heaven's Shadow science fiction taleis a faster than the speed of light thriller that targets readers who prefer action to the nth degree. None of the cast is fully developed beyond diversity stereotypes, but those fans who appreciate an exhilarating outer space adventure tale that never stops to allow readers a breathe will enjoy Heaven’s War as time runs out for the stranded who must find a way to control the Keanu or leave the solar system forever.

Harriet Klausner

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