Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Spark-Amy Kathleen Ryan


Amy Kathleen Ryan

St. Martin's Griffin, Jul 17 2012

ISBN: 9780312621353

The New Horizon and the Empyrean are the only hope for mankind to survive as they searched for a new Eden with earth dead. Pastor Anne Mather on the New Horizon needed breeding-age females but none were on her vessel so she killed or captured the adults on the Empyrean and abducted the teens. Waverly Marshall led the kidnapped as they escaped their incarceration. She feels guilt over what she did to free herself and the other girls, while the parents were left behind (see Glow).

Meanwhile the irate younger girls hold Waverly culpable failing to save their parents. Kieran, who became the ship's leader, pushes unity as he constantly gives oratories encouraging teaming while hiding his fears about his own power as he leads with an iron fist. His imprisoned rival for captain and Waverly, Seth escapes from the brig only to uncover a shocking realism that the Empyrean is in deep trouble.

The second Sky Chasers young adult outer space thriller is a fabulous fast-paced science fiction. The storyline is character driven by the three prime teens, but ably supported by a strong cast who look deep into the impact of a trauma as many show signs of PTSD and the justification of violence and torture while comparing management philosophies. Spark is an intelligent taut teen tale.

Harriet Klausner

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