Thursday, November 22, 2007

Winter’s Daughter-J.C. Wilder

Winter’s Daughter
J.C. Wilder
Samhain, 2007
ISBN: 9781601860392

Twenty years ago the tragedy that broke up the Angelov family occurred. The Salem, Ohio police chief McNutt coldly informed fourteen Synnamon Angelov that her mom Victoria was walking when she died in a hit and run car accident just up the road from their home. He also orders her to tell her three younger sisters even as he directs his officers to search for evidence starting with breaking down a locked door. Being underage, the four siblings were violently separated as Syn sees evil emanate from McNutt while she telepathically claims her three younger sisters reminding them what they must do.

Now Synnamon has returned home to Salem as their house has called her and she assumes her sisters. She plans to learn what happened to her mom, why McNutt took “evidence”, forcibly split the family apart, and to determine as she suspects whether he and his police force covered up the murder of her mother accused of witchcraft. The locals are unhappy to find an Angelov witch living amidst them in the house that fascinates many bit also terrorizes more; some threaten her life; others try to take her life. Only the present police chief Matthew Whitefeather is there for her, but Syn learned from McNutt not to trust cops.

The first Coven tale is an exciting paranormal thriller with whodunit and romantic elements to enhance the tense drama. Syn is a terrific protagonist as her return to Salem frightens much of the townsfolk especially since she looks just like her late mom did in her mid thirties; her amateur sleuth inquires add to the tension of those who fear her and those who are more frightened she will uncover the truth. Matt is heroic and as he falls in love with the oldest Angelov sister knowing she bewitched him with love. However, what makes this strong witchcraft novel so much fun is the townsfolk’s reaction to the return of the next generation witch.

Harriet Klausner

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