Monday, November 12, 2007

A Rush of Wings-Adrian Phoenix

A Rush of Wings
Adrian Phoenix
Pocket, Jan 2008, $14.00
ISBN 9781416541448

FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace has chased the Cross-Country Killer for three years trying to end this brilliant maniac’s serial killing frenzy. Currently, she has followed him from Seattle to New Orleans. His latest victim is a nineteen years old LSU male student and this time left a message besides the tortured rape body; the sexual killing sadist writes on a wall above the corpse “WAKE UP’. On the other side of the wall is Club Hell.

Heather visits Club Hell to determine whether that facility might attract CCK. She meets born vampire Dante Prejean who performs with the Goth band Inferno. His horrendous malevolent memories have been erased, which in turn leaves him perfect for the ministrations of CCK; as the psychopath knows what Dante does not. Anyone that Dante cares about including an obstinate skeptical Fed becomes a CCK teaser. Heather, Dante and his vampire cronies unite to try to end the serial killer’s mayhem, but this clever evil seems to always know what they will do next.

A RUSH OF WINGS smoothly combines a serial killer police investigation with vampires and mad scientists experimenting in para-psychopathology; all that along side a heated romantic thriller in which even the blood sucking ménage de trois are hot trysts. Fans of paranormal romantic suspense crime thrillers will enjoy the sweltering A RUSH OF WINGS starring an intrepid heroine, a beleaguered vampire, and a CCK teasing serial killer taking a bite out of New Orleans. What more could sub-genre fans ask for.

Harriet Klausner

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