Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Lifehouse Trilogy-Spider Robinson

The Lifehouse Trilogy
Spider Robinson
Baen, Dec 2007, $24.00
ISBN: 9781416555117

Mindkiller. Wireheads are addicted to an electric current that feeds impulses into the brain’s pleasure centers. As a reformed wirehead who no longer uses, Karen knows she is fortunate to be alive. She and her current lover Joe, who saved her life when he found her nearly dead, want to destroy the dealers who sell the gizmos. However, instead they begin to find evidence that an international cartel control the minds of most people. At the same time, assistant professor Norman hates his job and marriage, but it is the sudden disappearance of his sister that shakes him; he begins searching for her.

Time Pressure. During a blizzard in a remote part of a Nova Scotia forest, Sam, the American draft dodger, is stunned when the naked girl appeared out of nowhere inside a blue lit globe. He believes she must be from the future, but waits for her awakening. When she does, he finds himself reconsidering what to do with her, as he fears she has come to destroy the present.

Lifehouse. June and Paul are con artists who wonder what is going on when she returns from a walk in the park with her memory modified after apparently meeting some future pair. At the same time a time traveling duo meets and enlists the help of Secret Masters of Fandom married couple, Wally and Moira. Their mission is to save John Lennon.

This is a fine omnibus reprint of three Spider Robinson science fiction thrillers. Although not as deep as the Callahan tales, each asks readers to ponder fascinating ethical issues, but none of the characters are that profound. Still this is an entertaining Canadian saga that comes alive with draft dodging Americans but especially the amusing time paradoxical Lifehouse.

Harriet Klausner

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