Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One Wish-Calista Fox

One Wish
Calista Fox
Red Sage, 2007
ISBN: 9781603101394

In Sedona, Arizona, Jillian Anderson, owner of the Old Age Saloon, accidentally knocks over an ancient clay pot containing a dark blue powder. She also drops a jar of her tequila spied pickles called wickles onto the powder. Soon afterward, her beloved photographer Luke Parsons arrives at the bar after being out of town on assignment. She refuses to have sex with him as he always leaves her before morning.

After closing Jillian goes to clean up the mess, but finds it already done and sees an underage girl Serafina drunk from eating the wickles .She insists she is a genie. When Sera proves she is a real albeit intoxicated genie by vanishing in this air, Jillian faints. Sera calls Luke who rushes over, but she is all right. As they make love, Luke realizes that his beloved fears commitment because everyone close to her dies. With that knowledge, their lovemaking seems different, but will he stay with her in the morning and what about those two wishes Sera promised Jillian?

This is an entertaining fantasy romantic short that works because Jillian, as the prime player holding the story line together, is fully developed. Readers will learn her fears, flaws, and desires especially through her interaction with the genie and with Luke. ONE WISH is an enjoyable short tale (see

Harriet Klausner

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