Wednesday, November 14, 2007

White Fells-R. Garland Gray

White Fells
R. Garland Gray
Medallion, Dec 2007, $7.99
ISBN: 9781933836195

Tuatha De Danann warrior Boyden comes from the rare species, Idir the between. He is blessed, although some might say cursed, with the power to call forth the deadly fey wind to kill all that lives.

Warrior Princess Scota leads the invasion of what is allegedly the home of the Fey; a race she does not believe exists. Her soldiers have captured Boyden, but her efforts to break him fail. Instead he remains insolent as he knows he can destroy Scota and her force with the fey wind. However, he also finds himself attracted to the equally proud warrior princess. She admires his courage and soon reciprocates his feelings of love. However, trust is a different issue as she rejects his fey heritage and he cannot accept a warrior can work for peace for both people.

The third Tuatha De Danann Fey romantic fantasy (see PREDESTINED and FEY BORN) is a terrific tale as readers will appreciate the changing relationship between the skeptical warrior and the composed prisoner. Although Boyden is Scota’s captive, she and readers will wonder just who is in control as his tranquil coolness unnerves her. Fans will appreciate WHITE FELLS as the hero provides a quiet message that with great power comes even greater responsibility not to arbitrarily wield it at every alleged insult. R. Garland Gray provides another exciting read.

Harriet Klausner

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