Friday, November 2, 2007

The Vampire of New York-Lee Hunt

The Vampire of New York
Lee Hunt
Signet, Jan 2008, $7.99
ISBN: 9780451222794

During the American Civil War Echo Van Helsing comes to New York seeking revenge on Count Draculiya. The Count was driven out of Bohemia and London by Abraham Van Helsing, who thought Draculiya was pure evil. Echo believes he killed her father and she intends to pay him back in kind once she finds him. Pinkerton Agent Kate Warene helps Echo on her quest as she seeks to end the terror of a serial killer preying on women; this predator violently rips out their throats, and leaves behind a double eagle gold coin in their bodies.

In the present the Lincoln Corporation hires archeologist Dr. Carrie Norton to determine if there is any historical treasure that would prevent them from building high priced condos on a piece of land they own in Manhattan. No one is more surprised than Carrie is when the corpse of a perfectly preserved black man is found below ground with his throat ripped out and a gold coin in his body. As in 1863 many women have recently been murdered with their throats ripped apart and a double eagle gold coin left behind in their bodies. Carrie sees a connection although she does not understand how or what, but investigates learning much about her bloodlines as she does re a world that should not exist outside of literature and the movies. She allies with a creature who cannot be real as they work as a team to end the serial killings haunting New York.

Lee Hunt writes a bold different version of the vampire thriller in which he builds on Stoker’s mythos and prime protagonist with the transference to Manhattan past and present. The chapters rotate between 1863 and today so that the audience can compare two generations of vampire hunters as well as a sly killing machine readily adapting to any environs. Although Echo is more of a professional hunter, she and the tyro amateur Carrie share much in common as both are brave, independent and obstinate yet quite different especially in their respective objective beyond the outcome of ending the terror. THE VAMPIRE OF NEW YORK is an enjoyable horror thriller, as no one not even Giuliani will want to bring it on after sunset.

Harriet Klausner

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