Thursday, November 1, 2007

One With the Shadows-Susan Squires

One With the Shadows
Susan Squires
St. Martin’s, Dec 2007, $6.99
ISBN: 9780312941031

In 1822 Kate Malone makes a living as a con artist and thief; she shams visions and reads tarot cards although she does not believe in either as she is skeptical of the paranormal. Still the aristocracy in all of Western Europe pretends sophistication when they are rubes she cons.

After Kate performs her act at a Rome upper crust gala, attendee Gian Urbano offers her money for the recent proceeds of her other more profitable occupation, thief. He wants a special humongous emerald she purloined and she agrees to sell it to him. However, someone wants that gem too, but that person does not offer money; that unknown but powerful female adversary tries to kill Kate in order to take the jewel from her. Only, Gian keeps her safe, but she begins to believe he is not human even as the mystifying stone communicates to her its desire to go home.

ONE WITH THE SHADOWS is a terrific paranormal late regency romantic suspense from the moment Gian exposes Kate’s ruse and never slows down until the final bite as she learns to be ONE WITH THE NIGHT; just like her protector is. Kate makes the tale fun to read as her past has left her scarred physically and emotionally with a need to become a hermit living in a remote cottage by herself. That is until Gian and the emerald make her reconsider her solo act as he brings out desires she thought long dead and it brings out a quest to do its bidding. Susan Squires provides an entertaining mystical historical thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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