Saturday, November 24, 2007

Resurrection: The Beginning-Patrice Michelle

Resurrection: The Beginning
Patrice Michelle
Silhouette Nocturne, Jan 2008, $5.25
ISBN: 9780373617784

Humans believe that the vampire species became extinct when their food supply became contaminated; human blood had turned poisonous to the bloodsuckers. Thus Homo sapiens created and killed this “abomination” that no one misses.

That belief that vampires no longer exist except in literature and movies ends at least for debut author Ariel Swanson. Her vampire thriller The Vampire’s Return includes a forecasting that no human should know anything about; yet she writes about this legendary prophecy in graphic detail in her first novel as if she is an insider. Exiled vampire Jachin Black kidnaps the writer in order to use her as his ticket back out of the New York City slums and in to his group. He never expected to fall in love with his prisoner during their trek; she feels the same confusion that he does. Neither expected her fiction to be factual.

Patrice Michelle provides a wonderful vampire romantic suspense thriller. The fast-paced story line has an interesting twist that humans knew vampires once existed, but now believe they are extinct. Ariel’s novel turns out to be the impetus in what proves to be a cross species war. Fans will enjoy the RESURRECTION: THE BEGINNING as the night is filled with terror except in one home where love shines.

Harriet Klausner

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