Monday, June 18, 2012

Talulla Rising-Glen Duncan

Talulla Rising

Glen Duncan

Knopf, June 26 2012, $26.95

ISBN: 9780307595096

Tallula Demetriou and two hundred years Jake Marlowe fell in love. However, World Organization for the Control of Occult Phenomena (WOCOP) operatives killed The Last Werewolf, leaving Tallula a wealthy widow, but also pregnant though her species cannot reproduce. Grieving her loss, Talulla flees to a hunting lodge outside of Fairbanks to give birth in what she hopes is a safe environment.

Talulla births fraternal twins, but vampires kidnap Lorcan as he is born; their mission remaining steadfast when they chased her and her late mate; as they need werewolf blood to bring back to life their founding father, the most ancient vampire. Feeling guilty, Talulla, her other infant Zoƫ, her familiar and rogue WOCOP agents pursue the vamps.

As graphic as the first novel was (see The Last Werewolf) with Talulla turning into a gigantic monster devouring anything in her path once a month and the torture she receives while on her quest, this is an exhilarating Lycan thriller. Glen Duncan makes to clear that a Mr. (or Ms.) Hyde monster lurks inside everyone thriving to get out. Not to be read on a full stomach due to the queasy vividly graphic descriptions, fans who appreciate something different in their paranormal reading will enjoy the adventures of mama werewolf who even grizzlies fear going after her young.

Harriet Klausner

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