Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer-Jim C. Hines

The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer

Jim C. Hines

Daw, Jul 3 2012, $16.00

ISBN: 9780756407568

“Goblin Quest”. In the lairs and hiding places of the mountain, goblins live avoiding other residents. Jig the Goblin runt is on military patrol when he meets adventurers determined to find the Rod of Creation. Jig knows that Straum the Dragon guards the Rod. Expedition leader Prince Bariusforces Jig to take them to the mountain’s lower levels where the fight enemies and are betrayed while their quest changes.

“Goblin Hero”. Before his adventures with Straum the dragon, Jig the Goblin was picked on by everyone as the weakest of the weak. Now he is Jig the Dragonslayer and has the power to heal. The Goblin leader Kralk wants Jig dead so she sends him on a suicide mission to learn what is magical is killing the Ogres.

“Goblin War”. Jig the goblin has come a long way from the elast of the least to a psotion of respect amidst his craven slimy species. Trouble comes their as Billa the Blood, abetted bu Isa the Goddess, invades with an army of monsters. Jig’s God Shadowstar helps his worshippers.

This omnibus reprint of this adult fairy tale series stars the lowest member of the most scorned species considered weak cowards by others, but Jig proves his worth as the equal and more than those who before his adventures ridiculed his race and his race ridiculed him. He makes the Hines mythos works in this action-packed fantasy saga.

Harriet Klausner

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