Friday, June 8, 2012

Hex Appeal-P.N. Elrod (Editor)

Hex Appeal

P.N. Elrod (Editor)

St. Martin's Griffin, June 5 2012, $14.99

ISBN: 9780312590727

“Retribution Clause” by Ilona Andrews. Frost giant cousin of Saiman (see Kate Daniels), Adam and his partner Siroun enforce a life insurance retribution clause to assassinate anyone who killed their client.

“Bigfoot on Campus” by Jim Butcher. Bigfoot hires Dresden to find his son because he fears his offspring is in danger.

“Holly's Balm” by Rachel Caine. Holly the witch resurrected Andy (see Strange Brew) but now works a paranormal serial killer case.

“Snow Job” by Carole Nelson Douglas. Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, reluctantly assists her enemy Snow by entering the Inferno Hotel and Casino.

“Outside the Box” by P.N. Elrod. Hard boiled (female Vampire Files’ Fleming) Mars the witch works as a Company field operative who, along with her partner Ellinghaus the vampire, go after a fledging to bring the newbie back to headquarters.

“How Do You Feel” by Simon R. Green. In the Nightside, Walker informs Dead Boy that his death thirty years ago was deliberate.

“There Will Be Demons” by Lori Handeland. Summer the fairy met Jimmy the dhampir because they hunt Nephilim (see the Phoenix Chronicles).

“Cherry Kisses” by Erica Hayes. The Demon hires Lena the troublemaker to obtain an amulet in Hell (see Shadowfae Chronicles).

“The Arcane Art of Misdirection” by Carrie Vaughn. In Vegas, Julie the blackjack dealer watches a man and then a woman win every hand; magician Odysseus Grant tells her how (see Kitty Norville).

These are nine entertaining entries from each of the contributors’ urban fantasy sagas that fans of the respective series will enjoy. For the most part, newcomers will struggle with understanding the specific laws of magical physics.

Harriet Klausner

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