Friday, June 1, 2012

Shadow's Edge- J.T. Geissinger

Shadow's Edge

J.T. Geissinger

Montlake Romance, Jun 12 2012, $12.95

ISBN: 9781612183312

Jenna Moore spent her childhood on the run with her parents who always seemed to look back over their shoulders. She never knew why they hid only her mom became an alcoholic of sorts and her dad seemed always frightened by the shadows. Now she has neither of them as her mom died and her dad vanished and she presumes he is dead too. Never alone before, the scared young woman also is confused by her recent paranormal abilities.

In the forests of England, the Ikati shapeshifters survive in secrecy by deploying a strict code of behavior; those who betray the law die. They recently learned that an offspring of traitors lives in California. Their chieftain Leander McLoughlin heads to the American Pacific West Coast to either kill the “innocent” as most of the tribe prefer or bring her to her people to test whether she can be educated in their customs. When they meet, they are attracted to each other, but she is a chip off the paranoid block of her parents and trusts no one; while he considers invoking the death penalty. Meanwhile in the shadows hides a stalker waiting to pounce on Leander and Jenna.

The first A Night Prowler romantic urban fantasy is an engaging romantic urban fantasy filled with suspense as readers will wonder whether Leander can execute his beloved. The affected dialect of the Ikati anchors the Geissinger mythos with a freshness that needs some adjustment to accept from the audience. The conflict boils down to assimilation as Jenna’s DNA may be Ikati but her nurturing is American while a third party waits to pounce. Fans will enjoy this exciting paranormal romantic suspense.

Harriet Klausner

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