Friday, June 15, 2012

The Cryptos Conundrum -Chase Brandon

The Cryptos Conundrum

Chase Brandon

Forge, June 19 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780765318770

In 1916 twenty something Columbia Professor Dr. Jonathan S. Chalmers serves as an American volunteer in France. Currently the unit of this mathematician-engineer is in Verdun when the Germans release poison gas. Though his friend dies, he miraculously survives because an unknown entity saves his life though he wonders afterward if he suffered battle fatigue or a weird effect of the attack as apparitions don’t exist.

By December 7, 1941, Chalmers has a PhD in statistics from Harvard, a PhD in philosophical epistemology and astrophysics from Cornell as well as PhD in mathematics and engineering physics from Columbia. He once again enlists in the infantry as he did back in 1916. However, the OSA recruits Chalmers, who has not aged since he was twenty-six in Verdun. Soon he becomes a high ranking member at the OSS and the CIA where he works at the Covert Staging Compound Office of Strategic Assessments Davison K Task Force. With the help of Savantis Ga’Lawed, if the spirit exists as the genius believes he saved his life back in 1916; Chalmers creates worst-case scenarios involving human survival over several millennia based on past achievements.

The Cryptos Conundrum is a fascinating refreshing tale based on intriguing generational models. The star is brilliant though readers will wonder if what he sees and develops is the result of a mind destroyed by gas or the mentoring by an essence from beyond. At times too much history and speculation overwhelm this cerebral science fiction tale, still fans who appreciate something unique in their speculative fiction will want to set aside plenty of time to read Chase Brandon’s engaging epic.

Harriet Klausner

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