Sunday, April 3, 2011

Syn In The City-Mertianna Georgia

Syn In The City
Mertianna Georgia
ImaJinn, Mar 31 2011, $15.00
ISBN: 9781610260008

Cara Augustine is kind and gentle, but though she comes from a long line of witches she possesses none of the family traits. Her parents ignore her as being beneath them; as do most of her relatives. The only exceptions are her cousins Evika and Sonya, born on the same day as Cara.

When the three cousins turn twenty-one, Evika persuades Cara to go clubbing in San Francisco. Cara wakes up the next morning to find a corpse sharing her bed. He is actually a Nightkind demon who drinks blood. He took her home after her cousin was attacked by an ooze coming out of her compact mirror, grabbing her and taking Evika into another realm.

Searching for her beloved cousin turns on Cara’s dormant magic as she is a Synemancer- one who draws energy from other magical beings and converts it into a powerful force. She struggles with controlling her skill, which leads to demons attacking her even as males become bound to her. Heading to her Aunt Amelia for help, she turns Tom the Werewolf into her familiar and binds Paul the Wizard and Ronan the Nightkind to her. Cara seeks to rescue Evika and also prevent an Aztec demon lord from opening a portal that would enable one of the most powerful otherworldly essences Texcatlopoca from entering the mortal plane.

Mertianna Georgia has written a creative urban fantasy filled with plenty of paranormal action and a fascinating cast especially the heroine. The fast-paced story line is filled with twists and insight into the various paranormal species intertwined into the plot. Still this is Cara’s coming of age tale as she keeps the exciting thriller focused with her struggles to control the men and the power in her life while searching for Evika and stopping a vicious demon lord from crossing.

Harriet Klausner

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