Saturday, April 16, 2011

Almost Final Curtain-Tate Hallaway

Almost Final Curtain
Tate Hallaway
NAL, May 3 2011, $9.99
ISBN: 9781101514276

Her mom the witch raised Anastasija Parker in St. Paul. Ana assumed her father was a deadbeat dad. On her sixteenth birthday, Ana learned the truth about her sire the vampire king (see Almost to Die For). Her father demands she sit by his side while her mother wants her to remain at home with her.

The confused hybrid learns her blood lines loath each other; wishing the other species a speedy painful death. Complicating her convoluted life is two males who claim her as respectively theirs; Ingress lead singer Nik Kirov the apprentice vampire hunter in training and Elias Constantine her vampire knight betrothed. Ana wants to return to the normalcy of being a Stassen High School student so she tries for a part in the spring musical. Instead she is caught in the middle once again when a powerful ancient artifact is stolen from the Minnesota Historical Society that if deployed would make half of her DNA enslaved to the other half of her DNA.

The latest Vampire Princess urban fantasy (see Almost to Die For) is a wonderful tale due to Ana who has come a long way in a short time; now that she accepts she will not be a True Witch in her mom’s coven, but has doubts about sitting on the vamp throne. The story line is fast-paced and loaded with action as the heroine tames the most treacherous dangerous in the wild species on the planet: the male while also trying to insure a sort of status quo between her two races. Old students will enjoy touring Minnesota escorted by Ana and her retinue in this delightful fantasy version of High School Musical and the Princess Diaries.

Harriet Klausner

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