Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jace-Sarah McCarty

Sarah McCarty
Berkley, May 3 2011, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425240892

Vampire Jace Johnson returns home to find his werewolf mate Miri missing. For the next year he desperately searches for her until he locates his beloved in Sanctuary. However, an abusive vampire attacked her and conducted all types of tests on her werewolf form. Her abuser extracted the warm caring side of Miri.

She makes it clear to her mate and rescuer, she has one objective: to locate her daughter he never knew he sired. Their quest is hammered with horrific hardships as the respective species of each wants this pair separated as both sides believe vampires and werewolves are an unnatural match. However, the worst offenders come from her D’Nally clan although to her the hardest test is when Jace asks her to take care of someone else’s baby.

The latest Shadow Wranglers Texas fantasy (see Jared and Caleb) is an intriguing tale due to Miri’s doubts and hesitations towards her soulmate who had treated her with love and respect before she was abused. That element brings a psychological reality to a complex story line containing several subplots and a seemingly horde of paranormal Texans. Series fans will enjoy the reunion of Jace and Mira; as the tough vampire must go slow and be tender and nurturing with his beloved emotionally fraught, fragile and forlorn werewolf spouse.

Harriet Klausner

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