Saturday, April 30, 2011

Exile-Anne Osterlund

Anne Osterlund
Speak, Apr 28 2011, $8.99
ISBN: 9781101514153

Princess Aurelia travels the Kingdom of Tyralt to meet people and to get away from her murderous ambitious stepsister and her father the monarch who could not care which royal daughter lived or died as long as one of them remained his heir. Her friend Robert, who loves Aurelia, and select guards join her on her trek.

She wished she could just go about as a commoner, but understands her position prevents her from doing so. When an assassin tries to kill her, Aurelia learns you sometimes get what you wish for. She and Robert flee for their lives wearing the disguise of a common couple. When they encounter bandits, Aurelia meets her mother who is protected by the band. She is offered a chance to remain with her mom hidden from her father’s world or continue her journey.

The sequel to Aurelia is a terrific high school age thriller as the heroine seeks to get away from her deadly home and meet her subjects. Robert is her most loyal follower as danger is everywhere from paid assassins to outlaws. The encounter between mother and daughter is incredible passionate; however the heroine’s inner moral compass will determine what she will do as she has a strong ethical value system (must be maternal DNA).

Harriet Klausner

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