Friday, April 1, 2011

The President's Vampire-Christopher Farnsworth

The President's Vampire
Christopher Farnsworth
Putnam, Apr 28 2011, $24.95
ISBN 9780399157394

Seven score ago, Nathaniel Cade came out of the “coffin” to offer his services as the President’s Vampire. He made a Blood Oath and since has been the top secret super agent for numerous White Houses president’s since. His current human handler Zach Barrows is amazed at what Cade can do.

Plausible evidence implies that the notorious Shadow Company has gotten inside military contractors. Cade assisted by Barrow is assigned to work with Colonel Graves and military contractor Archer Andrews to determine the validity and if affirmed cleanse the issue. The Feds follow the paper and money trails while Cade goes out into the cold where he fights the Snakehead intelligent lizards. However, Cade soon realizes that an ancient evil he has fought before has come back for a return engagement, which makes even the vampire to reconsider his Blood Oath. Convergence in a horrific lab with the inability to reach back to the White House due to official channel interference may prove deadly to the vamp and his handler.

Starting with a stunning kill in November 2001, fans will be hooked by this exhilarating thriller that makes a vampire, and human and monstrous terrorists seem real. Fast-paced and loaded with action, the story line never allows a respite as even President Curtiss needs two cigarettes. Urban fantasy fans will relish what is turning into one of the best series the sub-genre has to offer.

Harriet Klausner

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