Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sophia-D.B. Reynolds

D.B. Reynolds
ImaJinn, Apr 8 2011, $15.00
ISBN: 9781610260497

Her sire Lucien urgently orders Sophia to come to Vancouver. She leaves her home in Rio immediately and flies to Toronto where she connects on flight to Vancouver, British Columbia. There Lucien’s lieutenant in name only Darren informs her that their sire has vanished, but left behind an explanatory letter and a picture of three murdered vampires for her.

Former Navy SEAL Colin Murphy works security in Cooper’s Rest, just north of Seattle. Over a decade ago, he and Sophia were lovers. He learns that someone is murdering vampires and torturing their mates. He and Sophia unite to end the psychopath’s killing spree. Coming to the Pacific Northwest from Malibu also seeking the murderer is Vampire Lord Raphael accompanied by his mate Cyn. Raphael is raging as two of the dead vampires (Marco and Preston) are his offspring. The four team up as a predator must be stopped.

Besides the return of stars from the previous Vampires in America urban fantasy (see Raphael, Jabril and Rajmund), Sophia is a refreshing Undead as she is confident in her power, but instead of being Lucien’s lieutenant prefers her layback lifestyle in South America (or does she?). Her only weakness is courageous Colin who is human but not afraid to confront danger or vampires; especially a Brazilian beauty. With a strong whodunit and several surprising twists, readers will relish the latest entry though perhaps the series title should now be Vampires in the Western Hemisphere as D.B. Reynolds has started to go global.

Harriet Klausner

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