Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wild Wolf-Karen Whiddon

Karen Whiddon
Silhouette Nocturne, Jul 2009, $5.25
ISBN: 9780373618149

Protector Simon Caldwell is sent to hunt down a particularly dangerous shifter. When he catches up to her, he is taken aback as Raven is civilized though she lives in the forest with a pack of straight wolves.

Simon tries to persuade Raven she belongs with people and not wolves. If she rejects his contention, he will have to kill her to insure she never turns rabid. Raven refuses to leave the pack who has taken her in. One of the wolves attack attacks Simon hurting him and leading to his failure to make contact with his superior as required. Now a comrade in arms is coming to kill Raven and rescue Simon, if he is alive. Simon realizes what is going on though he does not understand his attraction to the wilderness lady; he also knows he must keep her safe.

The key to the super romantic fantasy is that the two shifters seem genuine, which in turn makes Karen Whiddon’s world feel real. Simon as a Protector keeping his species safe knows what he must do, but his heart tells him otherwise; Raven has deserted humanity and its genus’ cousin to live with wild wolves because the feral accept her as one of them without conditions. Fans will enjoy this fine tale as the hunter must kill the hunted, but love makes him realize when he does, he kills himself too.

Harriet Klausner

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