Thursday, June 18, 2009

Speak of the Devil-Jenna Black

Speak of the Devil
Jenna Black
Dell, Jul 28 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780440244936

Demons travel to the mortal realm and possess a body like the demon King Lugh resides in the body of American’s foremost exorcist Morgan Kingsley. Lugh is trapped in Morgan’s body because his brother Dougel wants to wear the demon crown and can only become the king if the monarch dies. Morgan has her own woes, but even she admits they pale next to that of her “guest”.

An exorcism killed the host Jordan Maguire Junior; senior is suing Morgan for negligence and wrongful death. As soon as the suit was filed, the US Exorcism Board suspended Morgan’s license pending an investigation. Matters turn worse when someone sends her a human arm. Morgan knows someone is after her as the assaults escalate and she fears she will be framed for murder. Lugh’s war council does their best to protect Morgan because if she dies, their king returns to his realm where his sibling waits to kill him. As Morgan’s stalker keeps the pressure on her, the person also threatens her loved ones.

Jenna Black is consistently one of the best urban fantasists on the market today with her kick butt heroine being kicked around this time. The irony of this entertaining saga is Morgan’s job is exorcising demons out of humans and back to their realm while she has the ruling demon inside her. This time her troubles overflow to her family and friends as an unknown assailant has her on the ropes. Although the overarching Cain and Abel demonic rivalry barely moves forward, fans of Kim Harrison and Jacquelyn Frank will enjoy the escapades of Morgan Kingsley, exorcist extraordinaire.

Harriet Klausner

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