Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Faeries Gone Wild-MaryJanice Davidson, Lois Greiman, Michele Hauf and Leandra Logan

Faeries Gone Wild
MaryJanice Davidson, Lois Greiman, Michele Hauf and Leandra Logan
St. Martin's, Jun 2009, $7.99
ISBN 9780312945688

“Tall, Dark and Not So Faery” by MaryJanice Davidson. The Fairy king sends six foot plus Scarlett to conduct a census of the residents of a paranormal shelter in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Used to males being below her shoulders, she is taken aback when she meets for the first time a hunk taller than her whose heart matches her heart in size.

“Pixie Lust” by Lois Greiman. Wealthy developer William Timber plans to cut down the forest for his next project; Avalina the California prim and proper pixie is responsible to keep the area green. As they disagree on his project, they agree on love.

“Dust Me, Baby, One More Time” by Michele Hauf. Librarian Sidney Tooth moonlights as the tooth faery so has no time to find a man though her prim and proper behavior does not help her. That is until she meets arrogant sex machine Dart Sand the sandman who, if she helps him on his quest, might exile her from the mortal realm; but she wonders if that is all bad since she would be with him in more than just her dreams.

“A Little Bit Faery” by Leandra Logan. A confused single vivacious fairy Tia Mayberry decides to test the bright lights of Manhattan though she always goes home alone. This time her desire leads her to Simon, a mortal firefighter who blazes his heart into her soul.

Although the tales except for Leandra Logan’s are thin as expected for a novella collection, these are four fun urban fantasy romances.
Harriet Klausner

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