Saturday, June 6, 2009

Urban Gothic-Brian Keene

Urban Gothic
Brian Keene
Leisure, Aug 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9780843960907

Tyler and his girlfriend Kerri, Brett and his significant other Stephanie, and Javier and his lady Heather drive from the burbs to attend the Monsters of Hip Hop show in Philadelphia. Tyler wants some weed so despite the protests of the others, he drives to Camden to buy some. They get lost in the Hood and their car breaks down. Some young blacks walk over to their vehicle; the outsiders are fearful of what will happen to them so take shelter in a nearby mini-mansion that needs extensive repair.

After they get inside, the door locks; they are unable to neither open it nor escape through a window because they are filled up with plaster A giant with a misshapen visage and body kills Tyler and plans to have sex with him now that he is dead. The others are attacked by misshapen midgets and creatures that do not seem to be human. The surviving suburbanites fight back knowing the monsters will use them as food. They have only one chance to escape when a middle aged man and though afraid the black youths try a rescue.

Brian Keene can always be counted on for providing a frightening horror novel that scares the hell out if his fans. In many ways URBAN GOTHIC is a thin plotted slasher movie except the characters don’t quite fit as they understand survival means teaming together not wandering alone begging to become a victim. The trapped group never quits as they fight to the end to stay alive against the monsters. With plenty of blood, guts and gore that will make the strong queasy, fans of graphic horror thrillers will enjoy this trek into Camden.

Harriet Klausner

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