Friday, June 19, 2009

The Path of Razors-Chris Marie Green

The Path of Razors
Chris Marie Green
Ace, Aug 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780441017201

Costin, a Soul Traveler inside of Jonah’s body (with his permission) is now a vampire turned by former stuntwoman Dawn Madison, who also was a vampire albeit briefly. Now he cannot leave Jonah’s body so they work together along with their group to find out where the master vampires and their underground is. Their search takes them to England , but they are attacked by schoolgirl vampires from Queenshill campus.

Nobody is certain if they are part of an Underground or just an ordinary group of vampires. They would have been part of the Underground once they graduate, but circumstances dictate that the three girls and their dorm mother Mrs. Claudia Jones move into the Underground immediately. The vampires of the Underground and the Keepers (intelligent Renfields) want to know if Costin and Dawn’s group are in the area to get them or if it is just an unbelievable coincidence. Costin is content to let Jonah be the dominant personality until they find the Underground and destroy it but neither expected the truth when it is revealed.

Dawn is a lean mean fighting machine but when she becomes human again after a short stint as a vampire, there is a deep darkness to her that ignites when she is angry or in trouble; she cannot control herself like she did before so she struggles to keep it submerged. The Underground culture in England is different than that of one in Los Angeles. “Wolfie” leads this underground but his interest is only in young beautiful girl vampires and they are enthralled with him. They believe he is the only one who loves them. Thought provoking and loaded with atmosphere and action, the PATH OF RAZORS is a first rate urban fantasy that will have readers believing the magic of this wondrous tale

Harriet Klausner

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