Monday, June 8, 2009

Cast in Silence-Michelle Sagara

Cast in Silence
Michelle Sagara
Luna, Aug 2009, $14.99
ISBN: 9780373803002

Elantra is a wonderful city ruled by the dragon emperor. He, his court and most inhabitants care nothing about the Fiefs (slums) that are located across the Ablayne River. There are several fiefs each ruled by a fief-lord who live in towers that rest upon the Old Ones magic. Private Kaylin Neya of the Hawk police force lived in the Fief Nightshade and wears his mark. She has performed remarkably well working her way out of the dirt of the fief by being on the right side of the law.

Life is about to become perilous for Kaylin because a seer has told her that something dangerous will soon strike the Fief; if it is not contained it will spill over the entire city and change all it touches into something reprehensible. The heart of the troubles resides in the fief Barren where she lived for six months before escaping. Now the Barren Fief is no longer stable. Kaylin, another Hawk and Dragon Lord Tiamaris travel to Barren on a fact finding mission. Caught up in a shadow storm, they are thrown into the past in which no Fiefs exist and Elantra is just starting to form. What they learn in the Barren tower helps them understand what is happening in their time; when they return they think they have a chance to defeat the seemingly invincible foe.

Readers who have followed the Elantra “Cast in …” chronicle (see FURY, SHADOW, COURTLIGHT and SECRET) learn about the Fiefs where the towers are located; this brings freshness to the overarching fantasy. Kaylin is much more confident as she no longer fears her past. She is doing her best to prevent the shadow spreading and destroying her city; she does this even if the cost is her life. Michelle Sagara’s CAST IN SILENCE is a great entry in a magical fantasy saga.

Harriet Klausner

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