Thursday, October 2, 2008

Winter Kissed-Michelle Hauf and Vivi Anna

Winter Kissed
Michelle Hauf and Vivi Anna
Silhouette Nocturne, Nov 2008, $5.25
ISBN: 0373617992

Winter Kissed” by Michele Hauf. Old Man Winter is outraged with how the stupid humans are destroying the environment. He assigns his top assassin Vilhjalmur Frosti to kill environmental offenders. In Northern Minnesota the godly killer’s current prey is Kate Wilson; the only problem is from the first moment he sees her, he needs her as lust heats up his ice cold body.

"Ice Bound" by Vivi Anna. In Hokkaido, Japan during a nasty snowstorm Ice Maiden Princess Koori-Onna saves the life of Dr. Darien Calder, which stuns the mortal because her infamous legend is to freeze the lost with a kiss. Instead he seems to thaw out her heart while trying to liberate her from her frozen incarceration

These two engaging romantic fantasies built from myths are fun to read, but the climax of the novella format feels faster than Olympic speed skating as each ending is rushed.

Harriet Klausner

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