Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Tricks-John Levitt

New Tricks
John Levitt
Ace, Nov 25 2008, $7.99
ISBN: 9780441016563

In San Francisco Mason is a magical practitioner who no longer works for Victor as an enforcer keeping mage users from abusing their skills. The work is too dangerous and he wants to spend more time learning and performing his music. On Halloween, Victor and Mason search for a friend who failed to meet them as previously arranged. When they find Sarah, she is catatonic as if someone tried to possess her, but failed. The same crisis happened in Portland so Victor sends for enforcers to search for those behind the killings the Sarah incident won’t be repeated

Rolando and his sister Josephine come to San Francisco; they tell Victor and Mason that they believe Byron, a dark mage, was the killer. He lelft Portland and the homicides stopped there immediately; he came to San Francisco and the murders started there. Mason breaks into Byron’s home; when he is caught the accused does not act in any way like a killer. Mason meets Montague who insists he has a technique to identify the culprit. However when Mason arrives at Montague’s home, he finds him dead, but also begins to realize who the killer is. When the murders abruptly cease, everyone sighs with relief assuming it is over except Mason who believes the killer lives and is planning the next homicide.

Mason is a courageous caring soul who combines moxie, magic and vulnerability and that endears him to readers. His companion, an Ifirt is a magical creature who looks like a dog. He plays a key role keeping Mason alive and helps him try to ferret out the killer. In some ways the charming Lou steals the show in this humorous serial killer urban fantasy. Jon Levitt is a welcome addition to the urban fantasy genre.

Harriet Klausner

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