Saturday, October 25, 2008

Speed Demon-Erin Lynn

Speed Demon
Erin Lynn
Berkley, Nov 2008, $
ISBN: 9780425223666

In Ohio, West Shore High School Teen Kenzie Sutcliffe was taking a shower when she accidentally spilled her expensive acne cream down the drain releasing demon Levi from a demon hole (see DEMON ENVY). Kenzie is the only one who sees him for what he really is; others think he is an amiable good looking teen. She struggled to clog the hole before other more dangerous demons cross over form their realm.

Succeeding by destroying her family’s minivan and kitchen, her reward is a life sentence of permanent grounding. Adding insult to her Good Samaritan success, Levi is her driver as she is banned from driving. He explains that his time on earth is numbered as other demons will come forth from another hole to drag him home. Not if Kenzie the kitchen killer has her way even as she wonders what the cost will be this time as she is already grounded for several lives.

This lighthearted teen urban fantasy is a fun tale starring a real American heroine and the illegal alien who demonically has turned her life upside down. The story line is fast-paced and breezy with plenty of humor and some suspense. Although the plot is thin, fans will enjoy Erin Lynn’s amusing tale of a demon haunting a sweet sixteen-Buckeye.

Harriet Klausner

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