Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Lost Queen-Prewin Jones

The Lost Queen
Prewin Jones
Eos, Sep 2008, $8.99
ISBN: 9780060871079

Anita Palmer was a typical London teenager until she learned who she really is. In the Realm of Faerie, she is Tania, the seventh daughter of the Royal House, who vanished five centuries ago just prior to her wedding to Lord Gabriel Drake. She crossed THE FAERIE PATH to meet her biological family and save the realm from her evil former fiancé Lord Drake.

Asked by her father King Oberon, Tania knows she must return to the earth she just left a few days ago to find her biological mom, Queen Titania, who disappeared when she did. However, her human parents are irate as they worried about Tania who had not come home for three days. Angry and relieved they ground her and forbid her from seeing her boyfriend Evan Thomas, who on the fairy plane is Edric Chanticleer. However, Tania understands Drake is crossing from THE FAERIE PATH to the mortal plane and must be stopped and Titania must be found; while Anita is expected to remain in her room under punishment.

This action-packed teen fantasy contains strong characterizing and realistic relationships especially those intruding on the princess. The story line is relatively simplistic as the young lead couple mounts a rescue of her biological mom while battling with Drake in an effort to save two realms. Although the ending sets up the third novel without fully closing the prime plot of this tale, Prewin Jones provides an intriguing entry as the daughter and her boyfriend try to stay alive while seeking THE LOST QUEEN.

Harriet Klausner

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