Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Devil’s Due-Jenna Black

The Devil’s Due
Jenna Black
Dell, Nov 25 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780440244929

Exorcist Morgan Kingsley finds it ironic that she is hosting a demon inside of her; although he is not just any demon as he is King Lugh, who was exiled from the Demon Realm by his brother Dougel in an attempt to take the throne. Nobody would believe that a demon resides inside an exorcist. He is enlightened trying to bring freedom and happiness to his species while his sibling wants to enslave residents of both planes.

Claudia Brewster comes to Morgan’s office asking her to exorcise a demon from her son even though he wanted to be a host. The frazzle mom rejects that assertion because her Tommy was a fanatic member of God’s Wrath, an extremist group wanting to kill all demons, their hosts and exorcists. In the middle of the Tommy inquiry, Claudia abruptly begs Morgan to end her investigation. A bit stunned because the mom was adamant that her son was infested before he registered to be a host, Morgan continues to sleuth only to place lives in jeopardy and needing to go outside the law to insure justice occurs.

One of the reasons urban fantasy is so popular is authors like Jenna Black who has the skill to make her readers believe that demons mingle with humans. In many ways demons are just like humans in that some are caring and others are evil; the regal brothers are the epitome of that dichotomy. The story line focuses on Morgan’s mystery investigation of whether an illegal act of a demon taking a human host without permission occurs. Fans will relish the latest superb Kingsley demonic exorcist thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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