Monday, September 3, 2012

The Kingsmakers-Susan Griffith, Clay Griffith

The Kingsmakers

Susan Griffith, Clay Griffith

PYR, Sep 4 2012, $17.95

ISBN: 9781616146740

Over a century and a half ago, the world was divided between the vampire and human zones. The “cold war “peace recently ended; hostilities between the humans and the vampires turning heated. Equatorian Empire Empress Adele leads her army against their more powerful opponents. On her side is Gareth the Greyfriar who saved her life from his sibling British Vampire Clan Lord Prince Cesare. Gareth believes his brother schemes to become the ruler of the Vampire Empire.

Cesare has double agents high in the human hierarchy of Adele’s forces as well as inside the vampire court. Adele and Gareth know spies are everywhere prepared to betray them and their cause to their more powerful enemy. Increasingly Adele and Gareth conclude their lone hope to snatch victory from defeat is for the queen to use her geomancy powers that she once rejected as genocide, which may destroy the vampires but also has a strong chance of eradicating the humans too.

The third steampunk Vampire Empire fantasy (see Greyfriar and The Rift Walker) is a superb finish as both sides fight to the death to determine who will be the dominant species. The Griffith world seems genuine as it has throughout the saga. However, this series belongs to and with the lead couple remain consistent the human empress who has matured from when Cesare kidnapped her and Greyfriar rescued her, and her beloved vampire prince who believes his love for her is doomed. Action-packed, readers will relish this great ending to a strong trilogy as the Griffith couple provides a fabulous climax.

Harriet Klausner

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