Friday, September 14, 2012

Poison Princess-Kresley Cole

Poison Princess

Kresley Cole

Simon & Schuster, Oct 2 2012, $18.99

ISBN: 9781442436640

Evie attended high school in Sterling, Louisiana but was sent away by her mom to an asylum to help her ignore her grandma’s ranting’s and in order for the delusions to vanish. She took meds and finally got out. Back at school she is paired with newcomer Cajun biker Jackson.

Evie hears voices and draws her nightmares in her journal as she thinks of the apocalypse. Death talks to her calling her the Empress and promising with his ally Ogen to eat her bones. Her prime voice Matthew warns Evie to prepare as the Reaper is coming. Evie asks about the red witch, which Matthew says is the Poison Princess.

Evie and her mom survive the apocalyptic Flash that leaves many dead. There are no plants and zombie like bagmen seeks survivors. Her mom is ill from a bagman attack and when Evie cuts herself with her suddenly large nails, the blood grows crops. Jack arrives and warns them a militia is coming. He wants to know how she grew fresh vegetables. When Evie’s mom dies, they burn down the farm so there is no evidence of vegetables, which would make Evie a prisoner. They begin their trek to the North Carolina Outer Banks where her grandma lives with the truth.

Although the storyline starts slow to anchor the personalities of the lead couple before the world changed in a flash, the Cole post-apocalyptic realm seems real and the cast fully developed as readers will accept the deft transformation of the heroine and the survivor skills of Jack. Evie’s attitude towards Jack seems off kilter as he risks his life to save her several times. Still Poison Princess is an entertaining exciting twisting thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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