Thursday, September 6, 2012

Forever Werewolf-Michele Hauf

Forever Werewolf

Michele Hauf

Silhouette Nocturne, Sep 18 2012, $5.50

ISBN: 9780373885558

“Forever Werewolf.” Rhys Hawkes sends his wolf-vampire son Tryst to Castle Wulfsiege in the Hautes-Alpes region of France. Tryst meets Lexi Connor, daughter of pack principal Edmonton Connor’s daughter. Tryst and Lexi are attracted to one another but she rejects her feelings as she refuses to betray her father by becoming involved with an unacceptable hybrid. When an avalanche buries much of the castle, Tryst helps. He later investigates the poisoning of his beloved’s sire though he admits to himself that his motives are to persuade father and daughter to take a chance on him. This is an engaging paranormal romance starring two strong loyal protagonists.

“Moon Kissed.” In the Twin Cities, Belladonna Reynolds starts to jog home when three dudes chase her. Severo the werewolf takes her to a safe spot until the blood suckers leave. He saves her from gang rape and dining on her blood. He wonders if he met his life mate as Severo is attracted to Bella. However, her best friend Seth informs her vamps and weres live as he dates one. Severo thinks Seth is seeing Evie whom he calls Elvira. That means Bella needs to write his eulogy soon and if the crazed Elvira thinks Bella is Seth's lover, she is in trouble too. When the vamps remain fixated on their search for her, Severo escorts her home and moves in with her to keep his mate safe. As they fall in love, she remains under siege and the beastly werewolf side of Severo has to accept or kill his lifemate who has become his beloved enemy. This reprint starts off as Beauty and the Beast with an initial werewolf twist, but takes another ironic spin.

Harriet Klausner

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