Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy-G.A. Aiken

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy

G.A. Aiken

Zebra, Sep 4 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9781420108903

Eibhear the Blue dragon is part of the fierce Mi-runach special military unit who take on missions that no one with a sane mind would dare. His current assignment is to escort General Izzy the human, who fights for Queen Annwyl, home. The feisty female warrior was attracted to Eibhear but that was ten years ago before he joined the Mi-runach.

Izzy worries about her younger sister Rhianwen whose magic increasingly seems out of control. She and Eibhear enter the deadly Desert Lands to meet with her malevolent grandmother the witch, the only person Izzy knows who could aid her troubled Rhianwen.

The latest Dragon Kin romantic fantasy (see The Dragon Who Loved Me) is an engaging amusing entry starring two previous support characters who prove they can hold a storyline together while mocking and bickering on their way to grandma’s house. The action is fast and furious though the relationship between the protagonists is more straightforward than usual as no rivals soar to cause triangulation tsuris while also transitioning into the next generation. Fans will enjoy this jocular second chance at sarcastic love.

Harr4iet Klausner

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