Saturday, September 1, 2012

Order of the Seers-Cerece Rennie Murphy

Order of the Seers

Cerece Rennie Murphy

LionSky Publishing, Sep 4 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9780985621001

In 2008 in Oregon, Lilith Knight drags her older brother Liam to the carnival. She explains to him that their mom told her to take him here. When they finally go home, he finds his mom dead having been shot and the neighborhood desolate on a nice Sunday morning. His mom’s note to Liam is to run and protect Lilli.

Using his mom’s notes she left for them, Liam knows the Guild hunts Seers; and ergo killed his mom and will try to capture his sister. Thus for twenty-one months, the siblings stay on the lam as they go from site to site staying out of sight. Though time has passed, Liam knows he will carry his last sighting of his late smiling mom to his grave as he believes she saw what was coming to her. He realizes Lilli’s emotional burden is much greater than his eyeing the aftermath, she hopelessly “witnessed” the murder. The pair meets other seers in Iowa as Marcus and Alessandra escaped from the Guild. While Liam and Alessandra fall in love, the foursome join a commune preparing for war with the Guild.

Order of the Seers is an intriguing science fiction novel that makes its prime premise of people with a genetic code to see the future seem genuine starting with the realization that the mom knew what was coming to her. The storyline is action-packed from the moment the siblings go home and never slows down as the Guild stalks them and others to exploit their gift/curse. With a strong cast, readers will appreciate the first OOTS thriller as this Seer predicts a fine novelist future for Cerece Rennie Murphy.

Harriet Klausner

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