Monday, December 3, 2007

Wicked Dead Torn-Stefan Petrucha and Thomas Pendleton

Wicked Dead Torn
Stefan Petrucha and Thomas Pendleton
Harper, Nov 2007, $7.99
ISBN: 9780061138508

The Headmistress of Lockwood Orphanage caught Anne, Mary, and Daphne in a place where the wards are not allowed. Anne talks back insisting that since she and the others are dead the Headmistress can do nothing to harm her; outraged the Headmistress takes Anne the ghost to the Red Room for punishment while warning the others. Mary, Daphne and another child Shirley decide to play the game of the bones without Anne, but vow not to tell her they did; they rationalize that Anne won the last time (see LURKER). Mary wins so she tells the tale of TORN.

High school rock band Torn consists of five members: Devin, Cheryl, Ben, Karsten and Cody. They are becoming popular but front man Cody demands Devin get off the fence between making it and slacking it starting with firing Karsten who stinks as their bass. Devin writes a tune “Lying to the Angels” based on a lullaby his granny used to sing to him. The group especially his girlfriend Cheryl loves the tune, but Karsten fails at the bass. The others leave when a frustrated Devin keeps working with Karsten only to find he stole money from him. Devin confronts Karsten when something invades the house. This monster kills Karsten and the band and the song becomes popular because of the paranormal that haunts the tune. Soon afterward after performing to a packed house at the Tunnel Vision, the monster returns and goes after Cody who upset Devin. Stunned Devin wonders if the music created the monster.

The second Wicked Dead young teenage ghost story is a fabulous tale that grips the audience from the opening riff until the final note is played. The five members of Torn have unique personalities although Devin is the star of the novel that is. Fans will appreciate the fast-paced story line as the monster is in the music and the music is in Devin.

Harriet Klausner

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