Friday, December 14, 2007

Unquiet Dreams-Mark Del Franco

Unquiet Dreams
Mark Del Franco
Ace, Feb 2008, 7.99, 304 pp
ISBN 9700441015696

Ever since a criminal elf did something to cause a mass in his head that almost obliterated his powers, druid investigator Connor Grey’s life is no longer on an upwardly mobile course. He is no longer an investigator or an up and coming star in the Guild that represents all fae races. He lives in a crummy Boston neighborhood known as the Weird and works with Boston Detective Murdock on crimes that involve the fae that the fae cops can’t be bothered with. Right now he is in a field that is dried up from the rains in the night examining the body of a teen that was dumped in the middle of a field.

They are called away from the crime scene to go to the site of another murder that of Alvud Kruge an elf who formed the organization Unity whose goal is to bring peace to the warring factions of the fae. Evidence provided by Joe a tiny fairy known as a flick proves that the dead teen was in contact with Kruge. He can’t convince the Guild investigators that the two crimes are linked so with the help of Joe he sets out to prove it almost getting killed several times during the course of his investigation by fae who don’t want him poking his nose in their business.

Readers who like a mystery as the prime plot of an outstanding fantasy (think of Dresden) will thoroughly be entertained and challenged by UNQUIET DREAMS. This is a great new series with the potential to be long lasting one due to a sympathetic heroic protagonist and a support cast that adds the magic to this spellbinding tale. Readers will get a new perspective on druids including their powers and politics as Mark Del Franco paints a unique vision of Boston.

Harriet Klausner

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