Saturday, December 1, 2007

Midnight Reign-Chris Marie Green

Midnight Reign
Chris Marie Green
Ace, Feb 2008, $14.00
ISBN: 9780441015603

She was lured back to Los Angeles because her father is missing, but stuntwoman Dawn Madison became involved with the P.I. firm Jonah Limpett & Associates due to a prophecy. She was there to find and destroy the vampire Underground but she thought Jonah Limpett was crazy until she beheld a child star turned vampire. Now she is part of the team seeking to kill vampires while also searching for her dad.

When a woman dies, it looks like a vampire killed her; wannabe star Lee Tomlinson is arrested for the murder. The Master of the Underground and his son, the Sorcerer Vampire Soria, are concerned that this homicide will call attention to their species. When another female is killed in the same manner, the Master devises a plan to lure Lippett out of hiding in order to kill or turn him. While Dawn is dealing with the two murders, she also has to face the fact that the man she is attracted to is besotted by her dead mother Eve Claremont and her best friend Jacqueline Ashley has had surgery to look like Dawn’s late mom. Dawn fears both are part of the underground, but Jonah insists they are not and he should know.

Chris Marie Green has given her fans an inside look at the underground culture and social class system from the most powerful Elite bitten by the Master to the lowly Guards converted by the Groupies. The murder investigation contains several twists that teach Dawn a key lesson in survival; trust no one as anyone can be an underground slave. Readers will find this fun urban fantasy mystery appealing as Dawn learns life lessons.

Harriet Klausner

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