Monday, December 3, 2007

King and Queen-C.A. Thomas

King and Queen
C.A. Thomas
Outskirts Press, Oct 2007, $17.95, 230 pp.
ISBN: 9781432707309

She was fourteen and he was nineteen when they became betrothed with their families’ blessing. Yeshua loved Mary with all his heart and saw the innocence in her that touched him deeply. Mary the Magdalene felt Yeshua was different than any other man in existence but she loved him with the whole of her heart, understanding him when his own disciples were confused. Yeshua thought of Mary as his uncrowned Queen, a Nazarene high priestess who worshipped the Mother Goddess with Yeshua’s approval for what is the Father without the Mother.

The disciples especially Peter and his male followers were angry and jealous that at times he paid more attention to Mary than he did to them. He sat with her when he preached and he was not afraid to caress her in public and treat her as an equal. They had three children, a boy and two girls and Jesus loved his family. He saw the future and knew that Mary would be reviled, her name an anathema to many people even though she gave much to the world completing the circle of Jesus’ life.

Although the basic essence of how the bible describes Jesus is not changed, C.A. Thomas shows Jesus as being as much a man with a man’s feelings and needs as he is part of the Divine. He states that Jesus treated men and women as equals. The women played an important part in Jesus’ life because as he lay dying at the cross, they were the ones with him. C.A. Thomas has a written a beautiful love story that allows readers to see the times in which Jesus lived.

Harriet Klausner

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