Monday, December 10, 2007

Bedlam, Bath and Beyond-J.D. Warren

Bedlam, Bath and Beyond
J.D. Warren
Love Spell, Jan 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780505526984

Although her suburban life with a husband and kids seems perfect Samantha feels something is not quite right. She cannot fathom what is wrong as her spouse is attentive, the kids behave all the time, and their home is the American dream. Thinking hard, Samantha ponders how she ended up where she is as she cannot remember anything before landing in this perfect suburban lifestyle.

Samantha begins to put together what occurred and realizes this perfect life is not hers. Instead she lives in some sort of fabrication with a spouse who is inhuman and their three fiends for kids. With the help of shapeshifter Col she returns to her human existence in Las Vegas although three years have passed since she vanished into the perfect create. Cor promises to keep Sam safe as he and his people search for the malevolent one who did this to her, but she needs to know why her as she seeks vengeance on those who stole three years from her while at the same time those who abducted her seek her and her allies to silence them by returning her to perfect so they can complete their evil quest.

Although a romantic fantasy, BEDLAM, BATH AND BEYOND employs a chick lit style that has the audience at first wondering about Sam’s dissatisfaction, but quickly turns into a lighthearted romp. Thus the audience receives a fast-paced thriller with all the elements of a horror tale, but Sam’s asides change it into a humorous fantasy frolic. Fans who enjoy something different in design will appreciate this fun thriller as good neighbor Sam wants revenge for three nightmarish family years in the burbs.

Harriet Klausner

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