Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wiccan Shadows-Lori J. Schiel

Wiccan Shadows
Lori J. Schiel
ImaJinn, Mar 31 2011, $16.00
ISBN: 9781610260022

Before Celia, High Priestess of the Laurel Tree Coven, met Jen the veterinarian, she was unaware of how many strays are out there. Thus she agrees to help Jen catch feral felines. Leaving behind her familiar Gordy the dog, Celia is in the woods trapping when she hears a terrifying noise. Panicking she flees but the growl gets louder and her car is no where in sight. Calming herself down, Celia knows she went the wrong way deeper into the woods while peacefully waiting for whatever the beast is to come for her, but as the assault comes she screams in horror.

As she continues to dream of death recently, Alex Grisham wonders what that means even as she ponders whether she should continue to live with controlling Glenn. Jen calls her asking if she heard from Celia as she could not go trapping with their High Priestess due to babysitting issues. Leaving her Berkley’s Books, Alex goes to Celia’s house to find Gordy alone. She takes Gordy with her. Alex with her familiar Rune the Abyssinian, her Wiccan Sisters and mysterious animal control officer “call me Dan” Danielson search for Celia. An unknown adversary attacks Alex, she believes one of the two men in her life wants her dead though she is unaware that the motive is evil which has begun a doomsday scheme.

The key to this superb investigative urban fantasy is the background of the Wiccan Sisters who are moms, veterinarians, bookstore owners, etc.; this anchors the paranormal in a normal environs. The story line is fast-paced as Alex and crew hunt for Celia while the heroine is torn between love and death. The first Wiccan Sisterhood paranormal thriller is am entertaining tale.

Harriet Klausner

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