Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Glass Demon-Helen Grant

The Glass Demon
Helen Grant
Delacorte, Jun 14 2011, $24.00
ISBN: 9780385344197

After feeling unfairly shunted aside for the position of medieval studies professor due, in his opinion, to jealousy and nepotism, Dr. Fox decides to implement his dreams of becoming the media’s darling of anything erotically medieval. As such he knows the perfect solution to instant Indiana Jones like fame. He leaves London for Germany in search of the legendary missing for two centuries Allerheiligen church stained glass windows allegedly cursed by Bonschariant the Glass Demon; supposedly having caused the deaths of previous seekers of the valuable glass worth millions.

With his wife Tuesday, his two daughters (Polly and Lin) and his infant son Reuben with him, Fox journeys to remote Germany where they stay at a run down castle. Lin finds the corpse of an elderly farmer, which her father says to ignore; and she soon becomes friends with her new neighbor, Michel Reinartz. However, as Polly watches Ru, and Tuesday fixes her hair, Lin realizes the local want her family to go back to England out of fear of what Fox will bring to those who abet his search. Soon another mysterious death occurs making the seventeen year old Lin wonder if Bonschariant is not just real but stalking them.

This is a great horror thriller that uses the real Allerheiligen church stained glass windows as an anchor for a fast-paced tale that shows the grimmer side to fairy tales. Lin narrates what happens to her family and associates as she must overcome her fears to try to save her loved ones by solving the mystery of the glass. Readers will appreciate this terrific story as Lin gets closer to the truth of whether Bonschariant exists; incidents have already made her a curse believer.

Harriet Klausner

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